From the author

Alexander Nikolayenko

Alexander Nikolayenko

General Director of Scientific Production Center “ERBIS” Doctor of Biological Sciences

Academician of International Academy of Bioenergotechnologies

Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Author of medication Erbisol®

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are glad to introduce the invention of our Center the medication Erbisol®. At one time, performing the long-term, great and tedious work connected with its development, we undertaken the aim to submit the medication Erbisol® for the world public opinion that should base the competence of new conception in the treatment of many complicated diseases in practice. According to our conception the whole organism but not the disease itself requires the treatment by the activation of its different controlling systems.

Today we can announce with absolute confidence: Yes we did it! We created such medication – Erbisol® – that will find a deserving niche among the most effective medications developed by the modem pharmaceutical industry”. Moreover the new spheres of its application confirming its universality opened for us at every stage of testing the Erbisol® properties.

In many respects the responses and observations of doctors in different fields of medicine favour our work that served as a stimulus for development of the whole class of medications on the basis of Erbisol® such as Erbisol® Extra and Erbisol® Ultrapharm that are successfully used in treatment of the most complicated diseases.

Nothing inspires better than own necessity.

In our subsequent work we are going to develop our achievements connected with the introduction of highly effective medications of Erbisol® class into the world medical practice for the improvement of existing and discovering new methods for the treatment of human ailment.