Drug preparations of ERBISOL®


Immunomodulators   АТС code L03A X  +

АТС А16А Х10
Facilities, operating on metabolic processes
Antiviral facilities for system application

Highly effective drug preparations of new generation with original mechanism of action

Preparations of ERBISOL® class in the composition contain the low-molecular “signal” fragments of membrane glycoproteins, executing the function of “markers of physiological state of cell ”, which at pathological disturbances of homoeostasis activate the natural evolutionary formed controlling systems of organism, responsible for a search and removal of pathological changes in organs and tissues.

The immune system is one of such systems.

Composition: complex of natural nonprotein low-olecular organic compounds of nonhormonal origin, obtained from animal embryonal tissue; the drug preparations contains glycopeptides, oligopeptides, nucleotides and amino acids in 0,9 % NaCl solution.

Specificity of immune modulating properties of ERBISOL® drug preparations:

  1. they activate cells of macrophagal row, participating in reparation of damaged cells and regeneration of organs and tissues with restoration of their functional activity;
  2. they activate killer cells (N- and Т-killers) responsible for elimination of damaged cells, unfit for regeneration or anomalous cells (mutant, malignant, viruliferous) and tissues;
  3. they are   immunocorrectors: normalize the activity of Тh1- and Тh2-lymphocytes and restore cytokine balance, thus harmonizing the state of cellular and humoral immunity, and inhibit the course of autoimmune and allergic processes.


accelerate he elimination of anomalous and the restoration of damaged cells and tissues

ERBISOL® drug preparations influence ONLY on disbalanced systems, injured organs and tissues, remaining almost indifferent to healthy organism, and causing no adverse effects, i.e. the products are safe, induce no drug poisoning in overdose or after prolonged use. They are excellent facilities in disease prevention.

The preparations raise protective and adaptive function of organism.

They will help you to unlock your physiological potential for full-fledged life.

ERBISOL®, as an immunomodulator influence equally on cells of macrophage and killer series (N- and Т-killers), possesses immunocorrective properties.

It is intended for wide application.


ERBISOL® Exrta, as an immunomodulator activates generally macrophages. In this connection, it is intended for intensification of reparation of damaged cells and regeneration of organs and tissues by restoration of their functional activity, which is especially effective in treatment of the diseases of nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.


ERBISOL® ULTRApharm activates generally killer cells (N- and Т-killers, cytotoxic CD8+-Т-lymphocytes), Th1-lymphocytes and, partly, macrophages; it induces the synthesis of α-, β- and γ-interferon, interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-12, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- α; it is an effective immunocorrector.

The basic orientation of ERBISOL® ULTRApharm action is related with intensification of antiviral and antitumorous protection of organism.


Specific of influence each of these preparations allows to combine their application on the different stages of therapy of pathological process.

So, at therapy of viral diseases on the first stage of treatment ERBISOL® ULTRApharm apply for elimination of causative agent, and then ERBISOL® is used for the regeneration of the damaged tissue.

At therapy of cancer diseases on the first stage is usually applied chemo- or radial therapy, which is desirable to conduct escorted by preparation ERBISOL®, which promotes to reparation of normal cells and tissues, damaged by chemotherapy. After the courses of chemo- or radial therapy apply immunotherapy by preparation ERBISOL® ULTRApharm.

At therapy of diabetes mellitus on the first stage ERBISOL®apply for the stop of autoimmune process, and then ERBISOL® Extra is used as most active repairer.

Exclusive ownership on drug preparations of ERBISOL® class are protected in 20 countries of the world by international patent applications РСТ/UA93/00003 and РСТ/UA93/00004, including: Europatents № 0673652, № 0673653; patents of US № 8/397287, № 8/397288; patents of Russia № 2041715, № 2041717; patents of Ukraine № 2163, № 2164; patents of Belarus № 2039, № 2040; patents of Poland № 173320, № 173321; patents of Bulgaria № 61679, № 61679; …

In 1994 preparation of ERBISOL® has been registered by Ministry of Health of Ukraine and added in a register of vitally necessary medicines of Ukraine.

In 2001 Ministry of Health of Ukraine has registered preparation of ERBISOL® Extra.

 In 2005 – preparation ERBISOL® ULTRApharm.

Immunomodulating properties of drug preparations of ERBISOL® class

The effect of drug preparation of ERBISOL® class on expression of blood leukocyte antigens (I) and cytokine synthesis by mononuclear cells (II) in healthy donors (а) and cancer patients (b) in vitro relatively their spontaneous level (activation coefficient).

The drug preparations render minimal influence to expression of blood leukocytes antigen in healthy donors. In this case, ERBISOL® Extra activates in a greater degree 1) N-killers, activating non-specific cellular immunity and reduces; 2) the activity of В-lymphocytes, thus inhibiting humoral immunity (Fig. Іа), that generally provides the complete process of regeneration with removal of anomalous cells.

ERBISOL® ULTRApharm render maximal effect on expression of leukocyte antigen in oncopathology.

The preparations of ERBISOL® class stimulate synthesis of IL-2, TNF-α, α-, β- and γ-IFN and inhibit synthesis of IL-4 and IL-10 by blood leukocytes in both healthy donors and cancer patients. The preparations increase IL-1 synthesis by blood leukocytes in healthy donors and decrease pathologically high IL-1 level in cancer patients.