Klochkov A.E. Clinical-pathogenic characteristics and treatment of chronic hepatitis combined with tuberculosis and chronic alcoholic intoxication. – Manuscript. Dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical sciences in the specialty 14.01.02 – internal diseases. – Lugansk State Medical University, Lugansk, 2000.

The dissertation includes results of complex clinical, immunological, biochemical and instrumental inspection of 206 patients with the diagnosis of chronic hepatitis (CH) combined with tuberculosis and chronic alcoholic intoxication (CAI). The diagnosis of CH of preferably drug genesis took place in 60,7% of the patients; preferably alcoholic genesis — in 20,9% and preferably virus etiology — in 18,4% of cases. In 75,8% of cases the chronic pancreatitis (CP) was diagnosed, which coursed under calcification type with the phenomena of obstruction of pancreatic tubulars and essential decrease of its functional condition. The essential immunological and biochemical infringements are revealed in presence of pancreatic deficiency. Positive influence of erbisol on clinical, biochemical and immunological parameters in the patients with CH and CP combined with tuberculosis and CAI is established. High-grade clinical and biochemical remission in patients of 1-st group, that received erbisol, is achieved in 88,3 % of the patient with chronic toxic hepatitis (CTH) and in 84,7 % of patients with CP.

Key words: chronic hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, tuberculosis, alcoholic intoxication, syndrome of intrahepatic cholestasis, immunity, erbisol.