Mateyko G. B. Herpes and cytomegalovirus infection of pregnant: peculiarities of process, diagnostic, treatment. — Manuscript.  Thesis on scientific degree doctor of medicine aquiry by speciality 14.01.13 — infectious diseases. State Institution Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases honoured by name of L.V. Gromashevskiy, Medical Sciences Academy of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2008.

Rate of pregnant infected by HSV1/2 and CMV, peculiarities of HVI an CMVI process at the period of gestation, immune system reaction on different clinical forms of infection, influence on duration and activity of infection process and sequelae of pregnancy, fetus and placenta condition, morphological changes of placenta were studied.

Standardized approach in diagnostic HVI and CMVI, serological monitoring of it’s flow, prognostication methodic of obstetrical complications, fetus infecting was worked out, that lets to foresee possible development of complications prognosis, indicate treatment policy on time, apply appropriate treatment- preventive measures if needed.

It is proved scientifically and worked out rational complex of therapeutic regimen for pregnant with HVI and CMVI-antivirus in case of HVI together with immunotherapy (specific immunoglobulins, preparation of recombinant α-2b interferon viferon), prescribed depending on character of immune answer and probiotics. Complex therapy influences positively on immune and cytokine status indexes, fetoplacental complex functional condition, decreases the rate of obstetrical and perinatal complications.

Domestic drugs — recombinant IL 2 (roncoleykin) in pregravidar preparation of women with recidivating HVI, chronic active CMVI and erbisol were applied at the period of pregnancy. Pregravidar preparation provides stable remission of infection at pregnancy, fetus infecting prophylaxis, decreases frequency of reproductive losses, perinatal and obstetrical complications.

Key words: herpes and cytomegalovirus infection, pregnant women, immune status, complications and results of pregnancy, complex etiopathogenetic treatment, pregravidаr preparation.