Loskutova I.V. Immune and metabolic disturbances and their correction in severe and complicated forms of mumps in adults. — Manuscript. The dissertation for scientific degree of doctor of medical sciences on speciality 14.03.08 — Immunology and Allergology. — National Medical University named after A.A.Bogomolets, Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2005.

Data of complex clinico-immunological and biochemical examination of 668 patients suffering from mumps were generalized in this thesis. In patients who suffered from EP the disturbances of systemic immunity: T-lympho-cytopenia, lowering of the amount of circulating CD4+-lymphocytes, decrease of immunoregulative index CD4/CD8, oppression of PAM, increase of concentration of CIC, dysimmunoglobulinemia, elevation of  serum IF level against the back ground of decrease of concentration of α– and g-INF in blood was noticed, as well as, dysbalance in blood content between cytokines with pro- (TNF-α, IL-2) and antiinflammatory (IL-4) properties took place that corresponded to the severity of the clinical course of the disease. It was determined that in patients, who had been examined, there was elevation of the level of «middle molecules», metabolites of the peroxide oxidation of lipids against the background of considerable lowering of activity of ferments of the system of antioxidant protection. The most significant immunological and biochemical risk factors in appearing of specific complications on the part of sexual glands and pancreas were revealed; on this ground the algorithm of prognostication of development of orchitis, orchiepididymitis, and pancreatitis with the use of modern computer technologies was worked out. Including of erbisol, cycloferon and their combinations in complex treatment of patients with mumps was grounded pathogenically. Expediency of carrying out the differentiated immunorehabilitation of convalescents with the syndrome of post-infectious asthenia and presence of the secondary immunodeficiency with use of manaks, protephlazide and enterosorption was determined.

Key words: epidemic parotitis, immunity, metabolism, immune correction, immune rehabilitation, erbisol, cycloferon, manaks, protephlazide, enterosorbents.