Brodovsky S.P. Surgical aspects of prophylacticsand treatment liver and kidney dysfunction in patients with peritonitis. – Manuscript. Dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical sciences in the specialty 14.01.03. – surgery. – National Pirogov Memorial University, Vinnytsya, 2007.

Post-graduate paper is dedicated to learning for better results of treatment patients with general form of peritonitis due to investigation mechanism of development functional injury of liver and kidney and development on this base method of earlier diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment.

In this scientific paper one can find that after 6 hours from modeling peritonitis can see kidney injury with decrease of diuresis, kidney filtration, reabsorbing of Na+, increase of concentration creatinine in blood plasma and urine, increase excretion of protein, Na+ with urine and breach of protein synthetic and detoxication function of liver.

This combined treatment is use in 31 patients, which include operative treatment, laparapertion, lipin and erbisol. This method is help to decrease of mortality from 18 % to 10 %, decrease terms of treatment.

Key words: peritonitis, liver and kidney injury, lipin, erbisol.