Popova О.V. Chronic fatigue syndrome of patient with chronic hepatitis (diagnosis, treatment, reabilitation). Manuscript. Dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical sciences in the specialty 14.01.02 – internal disease. – Lugansk State Medical University, Lugansk, 2002.

In the dissertation 86 patients given complex clinical-laboratory inspection with chronic hepatitis (CH) and presence of a Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in comparison with the group of patients consisting of 92 persons at which it is not revealed a chronic pathology of a liver are given. At patients with CH and presence CFS infringements of immune parameters (Т-lymphopenia, reduction of number Т-helpers (CD4+), moderate increase of a level of circulating immune complexes of whey of blood, increase natural inhibition factor of whey of blood that correlated with a degree of decrease of concentration IgM were defined a syndrome metabolic toxicosis. Inclusion erbisol and enterisorbs in the program of treatment of 46 CH patients not virus ethyologis with presence of symptoms СFS promoted faster liquidation of clinical symptoms of illness, and further – to disappearance of symptoms СFS.  Resulted in normalization of immune and biochemical parameters that was shown by decrease of a level metabolics the floor and activation of enzymes of system antioxydant protection.

Кey words: chronic hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, immunotoxycosis, syndrome of metabolic toxicoses, treatment, reabilitation, erbisol, enterosorbcia, manax.